Spearheaded and directed by Chicago-based, Princess Grace Foundation-USA award winning choreographer, Robyn Mineko Williams, the Undercover Episodes is an innovative, chameleon-like performance series blending together dance, a live original score and a perspective-enhancing palette of lightscapes. The performances ebb and flow with the people and places it meets along the way. They happen in a multitude of environments including homes, gardens, bars, warehouses, studios and more.

The series is uniquely built to offer its audiences choice of perspective - various options in which to view the performance’s action, engaging them in a less conventional, more visceral theatre experience. "Early on in the process of making the Undercover Episodes," says Williams, "I realized that a huge part of my personal love for dance stems from the 'dancer perspective' of being inside of the work, feeling the intensity of gaze, physicality, effort and human connection. For audiences, it's rare to access this insider view and feel of dance, but it's my hope with this series to offer that chance."

The concept for the piece is also inspired by varying scales of extroversion vs. introversion. “I’ve long been curious about our various instinctual levels of comfort in showing and communicating thought, emotion, and ideas to others in both familiar and unfamiliar settings. I often question my own comfort levels in this way, both professionally and personally, and how I tend to relate and respond,” Williams explains. “I’m fascinated to observe others' experiences and choices and to consider the multitude of layers in which we have to play with in the act of revealing ourselves.”

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Creation and production of Undercover Episodes supported in part by Princess Grace Foundation-USA,

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and 3Arts Chicago.